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Logical Database Design.

ted.1.Hierarchical:The first important logical database model. Still found in many mainframe-based, legacy systems. Records are arranged in a top-down parent/child structure. Each child can be related ...

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ExxonMobil Organizational Plan

h trend is the creation and use of Enterprise, Resource, and Planning systems, known as ERP. Unlike legacy systems that focused on limited areas of an organization's information systems, ERP systems p ...

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Describe how your Company Utilizes the Internet.

stomers; they pay different prices for the same item. SBC has huge amounts of information stored in legacy systems, which are computer programs and databases that were created before deregulation, dur ... ionSBC not only uses Internet Technology, it's actively trying to gain advantages by connecting its legacy systems and databases to its customers' use of the internet. The recently well publicized ini ...

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Comparison of Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) and Object Request Brokers (ORBs)

M) and Object Request Brokers (ORBs), both are competing to become the network standard for linking legacy systems to the web. Finally, by comparing of their advantages and limitations, the specific t ... an opportunity to design a truly plug-and-play architecture at the software level. Custom objects, legacy systems and packaged software can all be packaged in an infinite number of combinations and m ...

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Information technology best practices

f global networks) before current problems can be fully resolved, such as the replacement of aging, legacy systems that can no longer meet requirements.Best practices are defined, as those practices t ...

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General Motors-In Say It In Six Format

pplications that were being uses. These systems lead to the decline in customer satisfaction. These legacy systems also had a flow on effect in that there was data duplication. By changing data in dep ... sler is still attempting to merge its two cultures, GM is encouraged to disentangle itself from its legacy process, and to develop a viable Lean/JIT system that is capable of growth. This new system w ...

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