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Describe the Lewis and Clark Expedition. What were the problems encountered? How did Lewis and Clark prepare for it? What were the results of the Expedition?

THE LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITIONThe Lewis and Clark Expedition was a result of the Louisiana Purchase. Tho ... orthwestern Wilderness. To lead this expedition into the wilderness, Jefferson appointed Meriwether Lewis, who was his personal secretary. Lewis picked William Clark as his co-leader for the expeditio ... tary. Lewis picked William Clark as his co-leader for the expedition, which came to be known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This expedition lasted from May 1804 to September 1806.Thomas Jefferson ...

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Lewis And Clark

March 7, 1804 Lewis & Clark Today my dear friend William Clark has instructed me personally to constru ...

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Lewis and Clark Exploration

� PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT �9� Name: Heather SandyCourse:Tutor:Date:Lewis & Clark ExpeditionThe expedition of today's America owes much to Lewis and Clark. However, ... slave gave to them in their journey. The expedition was a difficult one due to many factors, which Lewis and Clark were exposed to while on their journey. However, they ultimately were successful; bu ... been realized without the significant support of Sacagawea and the black slave who offered help to Lewis and Clark. This thesis addresses this issue by outlining the help of the Native Americans, esp ...

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