Lewis and Clark Exploration

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Lewis & Clark Expedition

The expedition of today's America owes much to Lewis and Clark. However, as they carried on with their journey, the help of the Native Americans was critical. This is because of the immense support that individuals such as Sacagawea and the black slave gave to them in their journey. The expedition was a difficult one due to many factors, which Lewis and Clark were exposed to while on their journey. However, they ultimately were successful; but this success could not have been realized without the significant support of Sacagawea and the black slave who offered help to Lewis and Clark. This thesis addresses this issue by outlining the help of the Native Americans, especially the Sacagawea and the black slave.

Lewis and Clark's expedition of America could not have had the success without the help of the Native Americans including Sacagawea and York.

He was considered an important figure in the expedition and like many others, his fate is unclear. Clark took York with him in 1804.

The expedition by Lewis and Clark was critical for America. This is because it enabled the westward expansion to be completed. Lewis and Clark were successful in this venture, but with the help of the Native Americans. Sacagawea and York were established to have played a critical role in giving Lewis and Clark the help they needed while on the expedition (Clark & Lewis 52).

The expedition was said to be characterized by many difficulties including the landforms, which made movement difficult, and language barriers as they moved in the journey. Indeed, in the process of expedition, Lewis and Clark faced many troubles on their own as well as with the Indians. For instance, they received hostility with...