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A story about a young girl who overcomes her loneliness

his, but he doesn't seem to notice, even though she's acutely aware of the contact. She's too busy listening to her thundering heart to hear his voice. Her foot drops off the spokes of her stool and ... she's never felt so lonely. Tsunade understands. When Sakura stares off out her office window, not listening to her teaching, she doesn't get angry. She puts a hand on the girl's shoulder and gives h ...

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Forgotten Allegiance

you can be so stupid sometimes!”“Hey, hey!” the blonde jounin cut in sharply. “Listen to me Kakashi; I understand what the rulebook says. But I’ve also read it, and I distinc ... y’s shoulder, startling him slightly. After he looked back and made a noise to say that he was listening, Iruka made an offer, “Anko’s exam is kind of brutal… do you want some rame ...

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The Borderline to Emptiness

aemon’s scream is a terrifying sound to behold. Its very essence instills terror in the hearts of man, sowing doubt and scattering the faithless. Especially ones as physically grand as the Tailed ... Beasts, their huge daemonic bodies even more horrifying; nine tails this one had. Yet the screeches of this particular daemon failed to even move its captors.RELEASE ME SCUM! I WILL GIVE THE ONE WHO R ...

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Memoirs Of A Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden, is distorted version of the classic story of Cinderella. A young girl ... e day, she meets "˜prince charming', they fall madly in love, and live happily ever after.One of the themes of this book was love. When Sayuri (Chiyo) was very young, she was taken away from all ... ever loved.Sayuri's life as a geisha was an extraordinary one because she was able to overcome much of what others couldn't. She had great strength, was very successful, and her wishes did in fact com ...

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someone who inspitred me

LK, or even any other famous human. It has been affected most by a TV show character. More than 90% of the student population of this technologically exposed generation, have been influenced by televi ... h hardships and miseries to come out on top and become the Hokage, the head and most renowned ninja of the village. Naruto has been, at least currently, the most influential person in my life, besides ...

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