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change in state occurs because as the length of the molecules increases, the total binding forces (London Dispersion Forces) between molecules also increases. LDPE has weaker forces due to the branch ...

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The solubility of Potassium Nitrate lab report.

on. All molecules also have a type of intermolecular force much weaker than the other forces called London Dispersion forces where the positive nuclei of the atoms of the solute molecule will attract ...

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Materials of the Future

ined molecules that hold everything together, and there are three types of these forces. These are; London dispersion forces, dipole - dipole forces and hydrogen bonding. London dispersion forces, al ... ngth-to-weight") Figure 4: Intermolecular forces in Kevlar's structure (Virtual Science Fair, 2008) London Dispersion Forces continuously occurring Hydrogen bonding between Kevlar filaments Dipole-dip ...

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