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A re-interpretation of the function and evolution of the tail streamer in hirundines.

results indicate the barn swallows on average possess tail streamers which are approximately 12 mm longer than that required for achieving the aerodynamic optimum for maneuvering flight. The evolutio ... authors maintain that the results argue in favor of the third possibility. They theorize that the elongation of the tail streamers in the barn swallow was originally selected for by natural selection ...

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behaviour would pay off in the book business. He visualized a new paradigm based on aspects of the 'Long Tail' theory. He believed that deepening the relationship with buyers, and delivering their nee ... that offered consumer purchasing such as online-banking in 1994, eBay in 1996 and Amazon in 1995. Alongside other retail establishments, bookselling saw massive transformations. Listed below is a sho ...

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