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The Gospel of John and Greek Literature: Tracing the Theme of Friendship

of friendship, are evident and more thoroughly explained in Greek literature. Such examples include Lucian's Toxaris and Chariton's Chaereas and Callirhoe. The commandments and teachings of Jesus in r ... the governor and falsely claims he was a part of the crime in order to be in jail with Antiphilus (Lucian 27-35). In these ways Demetrius endured many tough situations in order to take care of and be ...

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The Birth of Venus-Sandro Botticelli-Critical Study

which Botticelli was inspired to paint after the written descriptions by the 2nd century historian Lucian. It depicts the classical goddess Venus emerging from the water on a shell , she is being blo ...

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Lucian's "Alexander the False Prophet": Pagan Culture

aside and instead choose to do something that is easy and will only give back to them. On page 270 Lucian says of Alexander, "You see, in brains and shrewdness and keenness there wasn't anybody like ... d more than his due of each. But he used these endowments for the worst possible ends." On page 271 Lucian also says, "[Alexander] made an out-and-out prostitute of himself: he went to bed with whoeve ...

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The True History

The True History In the story, The True History, I was fascinated with the fact that Lucian of Samosata told the story as if these things really had happened to him but on the other han ... question whether or not the author was telling the truth. These things are impossible. I think that Lucian told the readers he was a liar in the beginning so that the readers would not get frustrated ... r not. Authors back then wanted to get the reader to believe and understand his or her writing. Not Lucian. When he told us straight out that he was a liar this must have confused tons and tons of peo ...

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