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Inter-organismal Transport in Paramecium. This essay includes a bibliography.

est of the cell. Also in the following diagram, you can see the "stomach" like structure called the Lysosome (Cellular Digestion, 1). Other simpler organisms, such as bacteria or fungi, lack these imp ... s that if put together visually could form what looks like the gullet. Though I was not able to see Lysosomes or Contractile Vacuoles on this power level, It is easy to imagine where they reside. As i ...

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A Rap Song Made From Science key words

makes a knot with chromatineIt constructs a lot of ribosomesBut it's only allowed to have ooone homeLysosomes are mighty beastsIt does nothing except eats n' eatsLysosomes have lots of enzymesAnd they ...

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Cell City

d for export. Sometimes widgets don't turn out right, and the "rejects" are sent to the scrap yard, Lysosome, where they are broken down for parts or destroyed altogether. The town powers the widget s ...

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Notes on Cell Structures

rans is the shopping department; products are modified or refines as they moved through exocytosis* Lysosomes are membrane-enclosed sacs of hydrolytic enzymes used by cells to digest macromolecules; w ... membrane maintains low internal pH by pumping hydrogen ions from the cytosol into the lumen of the lysosome; phagocytosis is the process of eating by engulfing smaller organisms or other food particl ...

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View of the Cell.

mporary storage of productsExamples: food, enzymes, other materials neededPlant have central vacuoleLysosomes and recycling-Lysosomes- contain digestive enzymes, digest excess or worn out organelles, ... r bacteriaMembrane keeps enzymes in, can fuse with vacuoles and digest contentsCan digest cell that lysosome is in. example: tadpole tailEnergy TransformersProtein production, modification, transporta ...

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Niemann-Pick Disease

y of the enzyme acid sphingomyelimase, also known as ASM. Sphingomyelimase is normally found in the lysosome of the cell and is needed to metabolize the lipid sphingomyelin. If this enzyme, ASM, is go ...

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Pompe Disease

Pompe is progressive muscle weakness. The muscle weakness is due to the build up of glycogen in the lysosomes. The glycogen continues to build and takes up so much space that the muscle becomes damage ... nd takes up so much space that the muscle becomes damaged. Eventually the glycogen seeps out of the lysosome causing more damage to the other cells. This causes a person to have sever muscle weakness ...

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