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Billy's Place, a creative horror story

that is, except for the now faint tracks of snow, left by a little boy, leading away from the dark mahogany door which Mrs. Brumfield now stood at, surveying the situation. 'Oh Billy,' Mrs. Brumfield ... rs. Brumfield muttered to herself, 'Where have you run off to now?'Inside the house, which the dark mahogany door guarded, a warm meal was beckoning her growling stomach. Hot biscuits, and crackling b ...

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Creative Writing: Epic Poem (Long)

He awoke from his Mahogany bed.His room was made of glazed cherry wood planks from floor to ceiling.The walls were dec ...

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Miles to go before I sleep (Creative Short Story)

She lies there in her beautifully carved mahogany box, as still as a butterfly frozen in ice. She has lost her physical beauty. Her cheeks ar ...

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Descriptive Essay

maroon carpeting, a floral covered queen-sized bed that swallows you the instant you lay down, and Mahogany finished dressers. The bathroom offers relaxation at its best being equipped with a Jacuzzi ...

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A First Day At A Job

ont door, greeted by Chief Engineer, was introduced to staff, given job description, showed office, mahogany desk, computer, typed on computer, visited other section, learnt about functions, cleared m ... ked very expensive. I entered the room and placed my black leather handbag inside the drawer of the mahogany desk. After turning on the computer, I started familiarizing myself with Microsoft Word kno ...

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Where Everything Melts: Practice with Imagery.

Andrea Robinson English 2 period 3 12/10/2007 Where Everything MeltsCreeping up 26 squeaking mahogany steps there was a door. Clad in Smashing Pumpkin posters, yellow edges peeling away from dr ...

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