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Interested in a vacation to a destination that is sure to be a fulfilling one for family vacations, romantic getaways, or even for just relaxation? Split Rock Resort maybe the ideal place to suit all of your needs for any type of vacation you plan to take. Split Rock Resort is located in the heart of Pennsylvania's Pocono region in Lake Harmony, PA. With exactly 500 acres of land, this resort has the coziest accommodations, enjoyable daily activities for every member in your family, and the rates and packages are set at a reasonable price.

When thinking of where you'd like to stay, Split Rock offers lodging like no other. First there are the Villas; which is equipped with a rustic-style furnishing in the living room, accompanied by the golden-framed fireplace. Its bedrooms are furnished with maroon carpeting, a floral covered queen-sized bed that swallows you the instant you lay down, and Mahogany finished dressers.

The bathroom offers relaxation at its best being equipped with a Jacuzzi-hot tub, designed for four, a steamy sauna, and a shower/tub combination. Next you have Willowbrook: the European styled one bedroom unit fully furnished with oak finished furniture. The walls are an olive green, which compliments your view of the grandiose 6,500-yard golf course from your window or even the balcony. Last but not least (just to name a few), you have the Galleria Suite that is located on-site at the Galleria clubhouse in the center of all amenities, activities, and restaurants. The spacious majestic suite decorated with a warm, fall color scheme is furnished with a cloud-like queen-sized bed, allowing you to be in a relaxing atmosphere. It's also equipped with a cozy living room and bathroom.

After getting rested in your lodge you'll be looking for things to occupy your time.