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Each person has his/her own favorites places to remember with sweet memories. For me, it is a place I visited when I was a small child. It is Trivandrum, India.

It was my first long trip with my parents and my brother. We left our home early in the morning and my dad drove the car. It took almost 4 hrs to reach the place. All the way to Trivandrum, I was looking outside and eyes simply couldn;t close.We reached there around 10 Am and first we vistied a temple which is constructed around 17th century by a Travancore King. The temple is famous for its artchitecure and it is with lots of steps. The is temple pond where people wash their feet and bath in order to visit the temple ie, that is the costom there in every temple.

Our second place of interest was the Palace of Travancore King, Pathmanabha Kottaram.

The flooring is marble. It is a 4 or 5 storey building with lots of paintings on the wall. I think it took almost 3 hrs to watch the paintings as well as the palace. We would wonder about the lifestyle of our kings.. the way they lived and royal rooms and arrangements in the palace, etc.

Eventhough it was a tiring long trip, I sill have the sweet memories.