My trip to Yellowstone National Park - A short Memoir

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It was nice sunny day in Los Angeles. It seemed like a pretty normal day but to me and my family, it was the start of my biggest adventure. We were all very excited. “Can you believe it, were actually going to Yellowstone National Park!” my sister said. “Yea, it’s pretty cool”, I replied. “Get in the motor home!” my father shouted. We all hopped in. My father started up the engine and we hit the road.

It was long way. We would have to travel north-east for more than a thousand miles. At first we were in city. Soon we reached San Bernardino. After that the city slowly blended into the desert until there was no city at all. There was only a barren desert and the 15 North Highway. We were to pass a great amount of cities on our trip. Many very large while others just small towns.

We passed through many small towns in California.

Then we reached Nevada. We pulled over to take pictures with the “Welcome to Nevada” sign. Nevada was very hot. We passed through a whole bunch of small towns. All of them had a few big hotel/casinos. So we kept on going North-East till we reached Las Vegas. It was awesome! Even in the dark the whole city was lighted with colored lights. Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada. With a metro population of nearly two-million it is a pretty big city. But we didn’t stay long. We had a long way in front of us.

We kept heading north-east. Just traveling was fun. We went through the north-west corner of Arizona. There I saw the most beautiful mountain scenery that I had ever seen. It was awesome! The mountains were all different shapes and colors.

Then we...