Solitary Confinement On Antarctica, what I would bring

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During my assignment of a one year long period of solitary confinement on Antarctica the three things that I would bring with me would be: a computer equipped with internet access and teleconferencing capabilities; my ski equipment including my climbing gear; and a snowmobile that is run by electricity because of a lack of Mobil stations at the South Pole. The computer, ski equipment, and snowmobile would allow me to endure and make the best of a year long period that would be pure Hell without these three things.

The sub zero climate of the Antarctic winter would make it unbearable to venture outside of my quarters. The computer that I would bring would allow me to keep in contact with the world outside of Antarctica, and with my family and friends via the internet and teleconferencing. The computer would also serve as a way for me to keep a journal of the events that occurred through out my year long solitary confinement at the life deficient South Pole. My computer would also provide a source of entertainment with games and programs I could use to pass the time.

I would bring my alpine ski equipment along with my rock climbing gear to the earth's frozen basement. The two passions of my life are snow skiing and rock climbing. On the Antarctic continent lie many mountain ranges that have the world's driest and most plentiful powder, and the most magnificent rock and ice faces and cliffs. These conditions are a skier's and rock climber's heaven. The mountains could provide me with a sense of extreme pleasure and make my stay in the earth's freezer well worth it. There is one problem with skiing in Antarctica, there are no ski lifts. This would pose a problem to me if...