A trip to El Salvador

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In the summer of 1998, my grandparents took my brother and me to San Salvador,

El Salvador in Central America. The reason for this visit was to see my uncle, aunt, and

my two cousins. My uncle and aunt are missionaries introducing God to people that

haven't had a chance. El Salvador is a very interesting place with its people, poverty and


El Salvador has some intriguing people. They are very quiet, polite and also fun to be

around. They love to spend time with their family and to have a good time. Salvadorians

also like to be around Americans, especially if they have blond hair. One time my uncle's

church threw a street party. Many of the local children gathered around me, with my

blond hair. They were fascinated by my American tongue and wanted to know how to

pronounce their names in English. They had all the usual names; William, Victoria,

Anna, Maria and Joseph.

It was so enchanting to see their faces laugh when they heard

me say their name. It is so nice to know you are welcomed in another country.

It was also a sad experience for me to see these poverty -stricken people. People

don't have a lot of money in El Salvador. They make their houses out of cement blocks

blended together with a tin roof. The only good thing about these diminutive houses is

that they stand very well when earthquakes hit. Their trashy streets looked like a tornado

hit them. The houses have no electricity or water. Many people came to my uncle's and

aunt's to fill their jugs with my family's water. There are masses of dental offices. Most

of the people have bad teeth due to their poor diet.

Besides poverty, El Salvador does have some...