My first day in the United States

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Hundreds of various thoughts and dreams crossed my mind, awakened frightened because of wind shears. Still feeling sleepy, the captain started talking about the weather in Houston and how much time left till landing. We would approach Houston in a short time and my first day in the United States was about to begin. My first day in the United States disturbed me too much although it ended well.

At this time one of the stewardesses came to me and gave me special form for US arrival security. I have a thing about filling out the forms and I felt happy. But after a while, I felt annoyed because of the many forms that I received. At last the airplane came to a bumpy landing. The airplane went over a long way and at the end parked near one of the floating aisles. German passengers talked with sleepy and deadpan faces which made me feel tired, unwilling to get up from my seat.

The cabin's cold and timeworn air disturbed me during the nine hours flight. I thought that at least I could smell freedom after that, but still I could not smell anything in the air. Leaving the plane, I wobbled and I felt cramped.

        Although I thought we would directly go inside the terminal, the captain said because of some technical problems we have to use the portable stairs and buses to reach the terminal entrance. Warm winds relaxed me after all. The airport looked amazing to me, huge and completely equipped. I felt curious to go around and take a look. But I relented soon; heavy sweat did not let me to continue in the hot and humid weather. When I entered the terminal, the cold air welcomed me again. One of the

airport's agents guided the...