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Titled "Crimson". A story representing the Individual and Society of the 19th century.

sing my soul. Is there enough strength left to forgive him?The door suddenly unlocked and opened. A maid walked in with a tray in hand. Her face expression was filled with sympathy when she saw the wo ... rb you from your bible reading, ma'am. Master Blackstone has requested me to bring you supper," the maid said quietly.The woman remained on her chair and continued to read her book."Ma'am?"Silence. An ...

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"The Lonely Maid"

ion.She had been in love with Mr. Scheuster since they were little kids. Emma’s mother was the maid for the Scheuster family for as long as Emma could remember and because of that, their home had ... like hers. So when Emma’s mother passed a few years back, she took her mom’s place as the maid in the Scheuster household. With Richard being the only member of the Scheuster family left, ex ...

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The Help

about this book, except I feel that Skeeter did not quite understand the danger she was putting the maids in to help her write the book, as there was much more risk for black maids to tell stories abo ... The Help really is a special book and I encourage anyone to check it out.Aibileen Clark is a black maid in 1962; Jackson, Mississippi. She raised seventeen different white children. She's always taki ...

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