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Red guards (mao zedong)

e large cities all the way toempty country sides. They held huge demonstrations at every stop. Theirmain goal was to eliminate as many as possible of the customs andtraditional thoughts of the old Chi ... Tse-tung and his teachings wereoften dragged through the streets and forced to wear dunce caps. The mainreason of course was to humiliate. This group in time became moredestructive. Even some of China ...

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Coaching basketball

to develop fundamentals and technique. Coaches try to reinforce and improve skills to achieve their main goal, which is winning. Coaching teaches people of all ages to learn and have fun playing the g ... ketball because there are so many different skills that are used to play the game. Dribbling is the main part of basketball because it is how a player moves from one court to the other. Dribbling requ ...

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JOURNALISTIC PERSUASION An essay on journalism

re named such due to their effort to objectively report the facts, and objectivity is the key. To remain completely impassive, to transmit occurrences in the world back to the world unaltered and exac ... , to transmit occurrences in the world back to the world unaltered and exactly as they were, is the main goal of journalism. In fact, this goal is so central to journalism that one might call it the j ...

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Technology and " Boys from Brazil"

lly implanted them into the egg of a woman in order to create another Hitler. With such an unlikely main action, ideas may seem unimportant, but one can nevertheless find a number of ideas in the film ... doctor devoted his entire life to his research, which dated back to the time of the Nazi camps. His main goal was to clone the genes of Hitler and implant them in newborns. He performed many types of ...

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The impact of AI on Warfare

that does everything on its own without human help and are these weapons a threat to civilians? The main goal of this essay is to discuss whether it is justifiable to use AI in warfare and to what ext ...

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"Animal Farm" by Orwell. Speaks of the difference of Napoleon and Snowball (characteristics etc.)

. As the revolutiontook place, two leaders came about. Their names were Snowball andNapoleon, whose main goal was to have nothing to do with humans, and bringcommunism into their society.'Napoleon was ...

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"The Catcher in the Rye" by Salinger. The first novels written with young adults in mind

hough it is a classic within mature reading circles. It is written in first-person format, with the main character, sixteen-year-old Holden Caulfield, telling the story.Holden is definitely the protag ... ear-old Holden Caulfield, telling the story.Holden is definitely the protagonist in this novel. His main goal is to attain an acceptance of both himself and society as a whole, while in turn protectin ...

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Through Their Eyes. Speaks of Jewish children who were victims of the Holocaust

s of suffering children felt as they were taken away from their homes and parents by the nazis. The main goal of the Holocaust was the extermination of every single Jew in Europe. Of course, this incl ... is just as if the whole world had turned upside down. But I am still alive, Kitty, and that is the main thing, Daddy says.'( Frank 38) This was just one of the many excerpts from Anne's famous diary. ...

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Its about the social, political, and individual functions of religion in general. Short but contains a lot of information and explains well with examples.

rals that will alter these functions and developments. Though this holds true, all religions have a main goal of creating a society where the citizens feel their society and lifestyle is of the highes ...

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or. A family or individual with an alcoholism problem is in serious trouble because the alcoholic's main goal is to get something alcoholic to drink. The drinking continues until the person is drunk. ... ld never take another drink.Drinking during pregnancy, which can result in serious birth defects, remains a significant public health problem despite a variety of prevention efforts that have been sho ...

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Terrorism: An Explosive Answer?

history of terrorism. It seems this form of protest has beenaround since Biblical times. Also, the main goal of a terrorist is not to do damage toone peticular person or place, but to gain publicity ...

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"Sparta: Historically Unique" -explains lifestyle/social structure/government of Spartans -explains why Sparta is unique -Bibliography and incorrect in-text citation included (should be fixed)

aracteristics of Sparta that made it so unique was it's government. Although oddly structured, it's main goal was to achieve stability. This is one goal that many Greek city-states strived for but cou ... n all, the Spartan government was established in this way for a single purpose. This purpose was to maintain absolute stability and hinder any change that could potentially dispose of Spartan traditio ...

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The Birth of a Brand Brand development in the detergent market in Serbia. Essay is good for using it as a guidline for structuring a marketing communications plan

the project was 3.75 million Euros and 270000 Euros in the initial, ten month, media campaign. The main goal of the project is for Talas to become the leader in the detergent market of domestic deter ... ce it is far better than other domestic detergents and can compete with foreign brands as well. Its main virtues are that it has high density, so you need to pour less of it into machines, and that it ...

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persevered through it's many revisions trying to complete his vision. Sculpture was Michelangelo's main goal and the love of his life. Since his art portrayed both optimism and pessimism, Michelangel ... was also given another painting commission, the decoration of the Pauline Chapel in the 1540s, his main energies were directed toward architecture during this phase of his life. Instead of being obed ...

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Effects of aging on beauty and societies views on growing older.

as become an overwhelming part of daily life. Above all else in the desire to become beautiful, the main goal is to achieve eternal youth. From movies, to television, to magazines, the media is consta ... al youth and sex. In this quest for eternal youth, Americans have been doing everything possible to maintain a slender, fit body; wrinkleless, blemish-free skin; perky breasts (females); and a full, n ...

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what to do with the south made it difficult to agree on one single decision. Abraham Lincoln, whose main goal since the start of the War was to preserve the Union, had this idea of offering and amnest ... Southern state legislature passed black codes that limited the rights of blacks and made it so they maintained a subordinate position. The northerners were clearly outraged by these codes which gave A ...

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Usage of Love in "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison.

Usage of Love in Song of SolomonThe main goal for an author is to grab the reader's attention and keep them interested in what they are ...

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Columbus' trip to the new world and if it was an act of Geniocide.

enocide.When Columbus sailed across the ocean, he thought his final destination was to be Asia. His main goal when he met the natives that he called "Los indios" was to harvest the considerable amount ...

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Esearch method and processes.

as to be a limited description because only a certain amount of words is to be used. Therefore, the main goal of this essay is to establish a clear description of two of the major issues that have bee ... evidence as possible to resume all into a brief and direct article where she could elaborate on the main issue she was concerned with. For such a conclusion of positiveness to be reached here, a compa ...

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Between 1607 and 1775, the southern colonies had a great need for slaves due to economic, geographical, and social reasons.

ving here. With the more land that the settlers acquire here, the money they could make which was a main goal of the colonists in the south. Also, when the first slave ships arrived in Virginia in 161 ...

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