The Birth of a Brand Brand development in the detergent market in Serbia. Essay is good for using it as a guidline for structuring a marketing communications plan

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The product development of Talas Ekonomic was a long and hard process as well as an exciting one. It started from market research and went through all of the textbook phases of product development. The initial investment in the project was 3.75 million Euros and 270000 Euros in the initial, ten month, media campaign. The main goal of the project is for Talas to become the leader in the detergent market of domestic detergents however so far, since it has been on the market for less than a year it is too early to asses the success of the product. The name of the product and the design of the package were chosen after market research studies and facts from the focus groups were collected so it was designed to be attractive to the target group of women above the age of 35 of a more traditional way of life who are the consumer base for Talas.

Visually and according to its performance it is far better than other domestic detergents and can compete with foreign brands as well. Its main virtues are that it has high density, so you need to pour less of it into machines, and that it washes efficiently at low temperatures hence saving energy. A strong media campaign on all fronts is the chosen path for promoting Talas. The idea was to make it visible to all consumers in Yugoslavia. This is done by frequent TV commercials on the most popular channels, billboards in the busiest parts of cities in Yugoslavia, branding of shops and supermarkets where Talas is sold and promotions, samplings and other below-the-line activities. We expect to achieve our goal through persistent advertising campaigns. The client, Delta IN, and Ovation Advertising are very satisfied with the brand developing and product...