Advantages of Commericals

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The Advantage of Commercials

It began in the early 1940's and to this day still is in many of our lives, even more so then before. It's the TV that I'm referring to. The TV started only as only musicals on it,. But eventually proceeded up to today's oriented world, with movies, sports, and violence. Today more than 98% of all households have a TV. Over 75,000,000 of TV sets are color. To how haw our lives depend on TV; according to A.C. Nielsen, America watches more than 7 hours per day. Many people say TV has many disadvantaged, like expensive commercials. For example, on 30 second commercials in the 1984 Super Bowl cost approximately 450,000 dollars. If you just look at the price it sounds costly, but in reality TV is one of the most cost-efficient media there is.

Not only is cost an advantage of TV commercials, so are TV's impact credibility, selectivity, and flexibility.

Television is powerful in may ways, mostly by having the ability to combine all major medial into one media called commercials. TV commercials are like direct mail because it comes directly to the consumer in his or her house. It is like the radio because TV has to have sound to make it powerful impact. It is also similar to print or newspapers because TV is able to show the product alone, in a setting, or in use. Finally, unlike any other advertising vehicle, TV can portray the object in motion while the other forms of media cannot.

TV is believable mostly because of the old of 'seeing is believing' an that is what TV does. Commercials have an unbelievable capacity to induce belief because of this old saying.