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CASE SYPNOSISAuckland Theatre Company produces variety of theatrical from New Zealand and other countries ranging from works that are new and classic, dramatic, comedic and musical. This article goes to explain about the concept of Marslow's hierarchy associated with few levels of different types of consumer needs that define their action in the market or purchasing decision. In this case study, it goes to show how the theatre could reach, fulfil and appeals to different needs of the audience by using the correct marketing strategy and research and how the theatre could continuously be successful by adapting their strategy when the consumer behaviour is complicated and constantly changes from time to time.

This article explore further on the definition of Marslow's hierarchy of needs, how motivational research benefits the theatre and consumers, other factors that could satisfy the consumer needs and the current trend of consumer behaviour. The article concludes by offering suggestion of alternative and innovative marketing strategy and recommendation which Auckland Theatre Company could employ or use to stay successful.

To be really successful Auckland Theatre Company should try not only to meet customer needs but to anticipate new needs sometimes before they arise.

Q1. Discuss how the experience of Auckland Theater Company relates to Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

According to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs theory, identify five basic levels of human needs, which is rank in order of importance from low-level (biogenic) needs to higher-level (psychogenic) needs. It suggests that we seek to fully satisfy the lowest needs in the theory first. As those needs are satisfied, higher level of needs emerge.

As we are living in this social environment, people seek for their psychological needs for status and prestige to be fulfilled. Attending plays in theatre can be as much about "being seen" as...