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1.IntroductionThe Hisense, a large electronic information industry company, was founded in 1969. Till now, the Hisense has grown into a enterprise group owning three celebrated brands of China, known as Hisense, Kelon and Ronshen. The Hisense TV sets, Hisense air-conditioning units and Hisense refrigerators are all selected as state check-free products. The Hisense is one of the first batch innovation enterprises. The company has built abroad research centers in South America, the Netherland and the USA, aiming to build a cosmopolitan researching system. As a whole, the Hisense is a promising enterprise of China.

As a fact, if the Hisense Company try to export overseas, they might need plenty assistance from the government.

2. Main Body2.1Plans and Contracts Benefit from Government AssistanceAs known, the Hisense is pursuing to export TV sets, fridges and freezers to America, Canada and Japan. During the procedure of exporting, it might make things more convenient to work with government assistance.

In order to expand the current scale, the company should notice that creating new product items might be a functional method. It is vital to make a plan of new product development, and on the other hand seek for the help from government. Initially, the government could provide assistance of the market information, helping the organisation indentify which product would bring about the most potential profit. Then, technical assistance might be supplied by the government. Related sectors might send experts to provide some guidance. What's more, to a certain extent, the government is likely to offer financial assistance during the researching and developing procedure.

Likewise, the governments might help the Hisense with long term corporate plans. The entering into foreign markets is the first step of the overseas expansion of the organisation. The Hisense might feel like to establish a long term steady...