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How did Levi's advertising campaign of 1984-1985 persuade Europeans to buy the product? In your view how effective was the campaign? Shwin Tangcravakoon 22/11/2000 In the 1980's the Levi's 501 started a whole new era of fashion in Europe. The advertising campaign during 1984-1985 was to encourage American lifestyle deep in the heart of Europe. The commercials use ideas and images linked with American way of life.

In the 1980's America represent a hardworking nation, jeans were wore by tough and working class men. The commercials were used to persuade Europeans into the American community. To convince Europeans that America was the "perfect nation", the advertisements must create the "˜perfect' American images.

Levi's was able to accomplish these tasks by using American themes in their advertisements. "˜Youth' was the most important theme. The males that were featured in Levi's advertisements were all young, good-looking, and muscular.

These personalities were guaranteed to happen if you wear a pair of Levi's 501. People who wear Levi's will have more power over those who didn't. Wearing Levi's meant that you belong in the "˜cool' group, otherwise you will be accounted as the "˜outcast'. Creating an age boundary. A perfect example of this age boundary was the advert "˜Refrigerator'. The man, who was young and good-looking, was staying in a hotel in the middle of the desert. The man came downstairs and took out his Levi's from the refrigerator and put them on. The old people who were in the bar were jealous of his youth and his Levi's. As the young man walked out of the hotel, the bartender followed him in admiration. The young man was able to win the girl from the old man. The young man then ride off in a Harley Davidson into...