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A Perfect World

A perfect world is illuminated childhood."Come on," Pixie said, "the moon is out."She dragged at Mel's hand, and flew open the screen-door that led out ... tched as it hovered in front of him for a little while, before fading away into a transparent vapor.Pixie was looking at him. "What?" he asked."Come on."She led him to the swing set that her father ha ... and the years had caused the seat to sink lower and lower to the ground. Or maybe it was just that Pixie had grown farther and farther away from the ground.She jumped on the first swing, the one she ...

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imagination is important than experience

acting and composing, imagination is they very key to their work. It is detrimental for a writer to dream, and express what he saw in his dream to the public, in some exaggerated or eliated way. No on ... re likely to lose their individual judgement and thinking ability. And it is a sad fact that people dreams less compared to their childhood and also with the past. Imagination made Issac Newton to cor ...

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