imagination is important than experience

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105 Claim: Imagination is a more valuable asset than experience.

Reason: People who lack experience are free to imagine what is possible without the constraints of established habits and attitudes.

Reason based. Extend to agree or disagree with this argument

The author claims imagination is of higher value than experience because without experience, people still free to image without constrains and formed cliches. I totally agree with the reason while partially agree with the conclusion, as only the simple reason itself can not support this strong conclusion. And it is better not to underestimate the value of experience.

To fully illustrate this problem, we must at first identify which field and which part we are comparing them. People put varies weight to these 2 criterias. In most field of art, like painting, making a film, acting and composing, imagination is they very key to their work. It is detrimental for a writer to dream, and express what he saw in his dream to the public, in some exaggerated or eliated way.

No one would like to see exact what happen in our ordinary life in the cinema, but want to enjoy stories they have never experienced or even never imagined. Painting of Van Gogh really brought us to his imagined world and inspired viewers since then.

On the other hand, fields as medical care, driving and engineering asks more experience than imagination. All past record support current movement and decision, and they can be a very precious resource to do future adjustment and planning. That is why the elder the doctor is, the more people seeing him and the higher his payment is. With aboundant experience with past patients, they have grasped a clear and comprehensive picture of the majority situation and know what is the most approprate dose...