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The Classic World

of science,literature, and ethics. These contributions have influenced the modern world today. Manymathematicians, astronomers, and scientists contributed to the development of many of theluxuries we ... r societytoday. Some of the major contributions from the Classical World is in the field of science.Mathematicians, astronomers, and scientists made important contributions that formedthe basic elemen ...

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Zeno of Elea

e region concerning whatwe today would call a timespace continuum. The other Greek philosophers and mathematiciansthought that the world was a plurality of points and instants.1 This theory was starte ...

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Euclidean Geometry

d but are developed in a fashionable way.Even in 300 BC, geometry was recognized to be not just for mathematicians.Anyone can benefit from the basic learning of geometry, which are how to follow lines ...

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Gregor Johan Mendel

as established in Moravia in 1350. The monks at themonastery included philosophers, a musicologist, mathematicians, mineralogists andbotanists who all liked scientific research and teaching. The libra ...

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The Chaos Theory

ntists began to investigate the randomness of nature.They were physicists, biologists, chemists and mathematicians but they were all seeking one thing: connections between different kinds of irregular ...

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Women's Contributions to Aeronautics and Space: Historical Milestones

n to make their mark, notjust in support roles, but also, as pioneer engineers, scientists, pilots, mathematicians andtechnicians. The contribution of women to the mission of the National Aeronautics ...

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The role of religion as a positive or negative or neutral or irrelevant force, in efforts to further national political objectives where human dignity, equality, justice and peace prevail.

d.People give rise to many beautiful things. Artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, dancers and actors allow others to experience the endless possibilities of a human m ...

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"Fermat's Last Therom"

the criminal court in Toulouse ( Mahoney 3). Yet this amateur came up with an equation that stumped mathematicians for over 350 years after he scribbled it down as a note. He statedthat the equationha ... se interests are probably much of what made him unappreciated in his time because most of the other mathematicians felt that number theory was of little value to everyday life.Fermat's main involvemen ...

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Pascal and his formulas.

butions.In fact there is considerable debate about exactly what probability means in practice. Some mathematicians regard it as simply a component of an abstract theory, while others give it an interp ... ies of certain outcomes.infinitesimal An infinitesimal is an arbitrarily small quantity which early mathematicians found it necessary to incorporate into their theories in the absence of a proper theo ...

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Euclidean Geometry.

ing to be true, you must be able to prove it from other things that are true. Over a length of time mathematicians came up with a group of proofs and ideas based on unproven assumptions which are know ... ideas based on unproven assumptions which are known as "axioms." The most known and hardest working mathematicians were probably Thales, Pythagoras, and the infamous Euclid. In 300 B.C. there was a ma ...

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The origin of logarithms.

garithm, being one of the most perplexing of these phenomenons taken for granted, was discovered by mathematicians John Napier and Henry Briggs in the early fifteenth century. Napier felt the need to ...

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This essay is about a great mathematicians in 17th century his name is Pierre de Fermat.

My paper research of mathematicians is on Pierre De Fermat. Pierre de Fermat was born in August 17, 1601 near Beaumont-de ... mat made was famous through his entire life for his contributions of math. But still he was Amateur mathematicians. Also Fermat was that first to use a method of a proof called the infinite descent th ... uare. Pierre de Fermat died on January 12, 1665 in Castres. Pierre de Fermat was one of the best 10 mathematicians in the world. He was the best mathematicians in the 17 century. Pierre was best known ...

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An Analysis of "Dr. Susan Calvin" in "I, Robot", by Isaac Asimov

who uses many different methods of problems solving to solve the problems that other scientists and mathematicians were incapable of doing. Through these many adventures in the field of robotics, Dr. ...

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All about Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss

Johann Carl Friedrich GaussBorn on April 30, 1777 was the "prince of mathematicians," the "Archimedes of the nineteenth century". He was born in Brunswick, Duchy of Brun ...

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Mathematics of Persia

the Persian Gulf (modern day Iran).Persia was also famous for its research in maths. Many importantmathematicians and especially mathematical astronomers lived and worked in Persia.Mathematicians in ... ed in Persia.Mathematicians in Persia often discovered mathematical principles many centuriesbefore mathematicians in Europe did. They were also the first people to read what theancient Greeks had sai ...

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M.C. Escher : Mathematician first, Artist last

pes, tessellations and spatial illusions creating a unique art form that was admired by artists and mathematicians. Through these works of art he contributed to the world of math without having any ex ... n, he was presented to the public in an article in Time magazine and had his first exhibit in 1956. Mathematicians accepted his accomplishments in art while envisioning principles of mathematics, even ...

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Archemedes by lizz petri

s to Alexandria with personal messages. He considered Conon of Samos, one of the greatest achieving mathematicians at Alexandria, both for his abilities as a mathematician and he also respected him as ...

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Mathematics and The Great Pyramid: Facts and Fictions

aw of gravitation. The Great Pyramid and its mathematical conundrums has both excited and flummoxed mathematicians for almost as long as the science of math has existed.Historically, the mathematics s ... with the Egyptologists would lead one to believe that his work was heavily influenced by the early mathematicians who constructed the pyramid.There are meaningful measurements everywhere in the pyram ...

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Barriers to female achievement in the field of mathematics

highlighted and brought out for public attention, consideration, and admiration. These outstanding mathematicians seem to have been hidden from the public view and all for one simple fact - these tal ... dies varied. But amongst the statistics some common instances can be found.A large number of female mathematicians were from an aristocratic background. This meant that the majority of them originally ...

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What did Plato contribute to Mathematics?

hroughout his life, in his Academy, he educated those who would become some of the most influential mathematicians and philosophers. Plato's many contributions to modern mathematics include the foundi ... eries of points, all of which are equidistant from a fixed point. No one has actually seen it. When mathematicians define a circle, the points referred to are not spatial points; they are logical poin ...

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