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What is Asbestos? How is it a health problem?

en established as the cause of asbestosis(thickening and scarring of lung tissue) and as a cause of mesothelioma (a highly lethal tumor ofthe pleura) as well as of cancers of the lung, intestines, and ... ore contains usable fibers. Formany years mining companies have known about the connection between mesothelioma andasbestos, but choose not to inform their employees. Moreover, while many employees b ...

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Asbestos - Mineral, Friend or Foe?

a risk to humans because it can cause many forms of disease. Specifically speaking, asbestosis and mesothelioma arise due to exposure to asbestos.Primarily, “asbestos” is a term that is use ... , it might not be surprising then that this can be linked to a variety of illnesses. Asbestosis and mesothelioma can arise due to the inhalation of airborne asbestos fibres. On the one hand, asbestosi ...

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Training and employment

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