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Education Philosophy

velop from the initial concrete understanding of a noun to a person, place or thing?" Meyer 2 Some of these questions can be answered by my personal philosophy of how a child learns. Som ... ommand of a pencil or an understanding of writing letters which connect to form words and sentences.Meyer 3 Along these lines of learning, a child must have been born with a reasonable intell ...

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An unforgettable experience

d upon my decision and the subject would not be a problem. I had finally understood the meanings of Meyer's words "The basic theory behind learning is that there is different knowledge to be gained th ... ledge to be gained through active participation in, as opposed to passive reception of, learning." (Meyer 352-363)I did not want to disappoint my parents. I tried hard, and tried again and again and a ...

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Robert Frost

is poetry at that present time; however, the events had larger effect on his poetry in later years (Meyers 57-64).Frost's wife, Elinor, played a major role in the inspiration of his poetry. Frost met ... an New England and provided the kind of experience that Frost valued more than a college education (Meyers 27). It was during this time that Frost wrote his first "real" poem, "My Butterfly," after wa ...

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