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People's Republic of China - brief class debate

rtner1. Decreasing trade with China could result in lower U.S. economicopportunitiesa. "Taking away MFN would hurt both the Chinese and the U.S. economies because Beijing would retaliate against Ameri ... e. "Twisting Off the Hook". Time May 27, 1994.2. U.S. companies need China's businessb. "Continuing MFN treatment of the PRC is more practical - to insureU.S. firms are able to participate more in the ...

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most favoured nation treatment

ault tariffs. Tariff volatility has been avoided through bound default tariffs. An exception of the MFN default tariff is the preferential tariff applicable to growing economies and those levied acros ... tion between like products coming from, or headed for, various states. The primary objective of the MFN treatment requirement is to safeguard egalitarianism in importation from or exportation to all W ...

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