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Gerhard Richter's Abstract Painting

orn February 9, 1932 in Dresden, East Germany, Richter knew he wanted to become an artist since his mid-teens. In 1951, he was admitted to the Dresden Academy, where he developed his illusionistic pai ... e vertical crevice that appears to recede in space towards the light that seems to emanate from the middle/left side of the background add to the illusion of atmospheric space. The lines blur upon clo ...

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"Shoot the teacher" by David Belbin. Includes personal comment

During the couple of days that pass in this book, lots ofthings happen. A boy in his mid teens becomes to heavy aburden for his mother to carry. She kicks him out. Herdivorced husband g ...

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The Benetton group

Italian apparel manufacturer, concentrating mainly on fashion-conscious young consumers from their mid teens through mid thirties.Since almost 85% of its production is subcontracted to approximately ...

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Born on April 29, 1899, in Washington, D.C., he grew up among that city's substantial black middle class. His mother, Daisy Kennedy, was the daughter of a District of Columbia police captain. ... standing down at the bass clef end of the piano he dedicated himself to keyboard technique. By his mid-teens, Duke (the nickname came from a snooty junior high school friend who liked to give his pal ...

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Eating Disorders.

dread becoming fat although they are dramatically underweight. This condition usually starts in the mid teens and affects one fifteen year old girl in every one hundred and fifty. Occasionally, it may ... mas, or excessive exercising. This usually affects a slightly older age group, often women in their mid twenties who have been overweight as children. It affects three out of one hundred women.However ...

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"Deadly Unna?" by Philip Gwynne

the prejudice shown in the small, white town of Port.The storyline orbits around two boys in their mid-teens who become mates on the footy field. It describes life in the country town and the steady ...

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Addicted To Noise - Advertisement Analysis

dvertisement's target audience is in fact displayed as visual text - the crowd. People ranging from mid-teens to mid-twenties. This website would be targeting such an audience because of what it has t ...

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Forensic Report

e individuals age between 19-34. The third molars are erupted which hints the person to be past his mid teens. Because of a large depression fracture on the right parietal surrounded by spiral ...

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Anorexia And Bulemia

This condition affects females more frequently during their teenage years. It usually starts in the mid-teens and affects one fifteen-year-old girl out of every one hundred and fifty. Anorexia may not ... below the normal limit for her age and height. Risk factors are being Caucasian, having an upper or middle class background, and having a goal oriented family or personality. A few of the symptoms tha ...

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Lowering the Drinking Age

ity. In Europe, many children begin drinking in a social context with their parents by the early to mid-teens. In France, many families include wine as a part of the daily dinner, and in England, it i ...

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