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The Disease Of Violence

ll mosh pits) to go have a good time, listen to music and mosh. About the second to last band I was moshing and I seen this guy on the other side of the mosh pit so I was planning to hit him. A ... to punch him in the face. So I hit him and he asked me why I did that. So I said screw you and kept moshing. The rest of the day I kept hitting that guy my hardest (but I paid for that the next ...

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The Pit

ows this is the beginning. This is what we came for.When everyone is together thrashing around, the moshing begins. The energy from everyone bouncing off of each other is the ultimate adrenaline rush, ... arge crowd, I put in my mouth guard, and there is no better outlet. This is my favorite place to be.Moshing is defined as "dancing to rock music in a violent manner involving jumping up and down and d ...

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