The Disease Of Violence

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The Disease Of Violence The last time I got infected by the disease of violence was about two weeks ago, and I didn't do anything that bad. About two weeks ago I went to the cactus club (local bands and very small mosh pits) to go have a good time, listen to music and mosh. About the second to last band I was moshing and I seen this guy on the other side of the mosh pit so I was planning to hit him.

As I ran across the pit to hit the guy some other guy hit me from the side but I kept moving. As soon as I got the other side guy seen me and grabbed my head and flipped me over. Then I jumped up and ran over to punch him in the face. So I hit him and he asked me why I did that.

So I said screw you and kept moshing.

The rest of the day I kept hitting that guy my hardest (but I paid for that the next day). After the night was over and we were on our way back to the truck I figured out he might have done it on accident. I also can't change the past so oh well.