Working As A Dishwasher In A Restaurant Was My Worst Job.

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Thesis: Working as a dishwasher in a restaurant was my worst job.

I worked in various types of jobs during my summer vacation while I was pursuing for my degree course in Electronic Engineering. Jobs that I had worked were as waitress, promoter, cashier, and tuition teacher. However, working as a dishwasher in a restaurant was my worst job. It was considered my worst job because of the bad working conditions, long working hours, and low pay.

The restaurant which I worked was a Chinese restaurant and it was situated in the Chinatown. Many local people as well as the foreigners frequented this restaurant. During peak hours, I had to wash all the dishes quickly as these plates are needed urgenly to serve the customers. Washing dishes in this small kitchen was not an easy task because the heat was unbearable. Moreover, it was indeed a noisy working area.

Noises could be heard from inside and outside the kitchen. Waiters and waitresses yelled to the chef's when making orders. Customers chatting with each other loudly, and singer who sang on the stage together with the music band.

In addition, the hours was unpredictable, it changed every week. Hence, I had to postponed all my plans when I had to work on that particular time. In some occasion, I had to work for ten hour shifts as a dishwasher. Washing dishes for that long period of hours caused my skin to peel off and became sore.

Furthermore, the pay was low. There was no bonus for working overtime, and the minimum wage was about RM500 per month.

My working experience as a dishwasher is truly a nightmare. It is my worse job compare to all my previous jobs. I will never work as a dishwasher again.