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Problem Solution: Lester Electronics � PAGE \* Arabic �1�


Problem Solution: Lester Electronics

Chris Jackson

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Problem Solution: Lester Electronics

With a possibility of losing 43% of their revenue, Lester's Electronics has to come up with a solution that will allow them to continue to be a profitable business. With an option to merge with Shang -wa or Avril Electronics, Lester's Electronics needs to look and see which choice will allow them to be a profitable business and to be able to reach their goals going forward.�

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

With little time to spare, Lester Electronics is planning on merging with Shang - wa so that they will not merge with Transnational Electronics. Lester Electronics has to come up with a financial plan for what the company plans on doing. Something like this is not generally done within one month.

It takes time and requires that decisions be made for in advance of their implementation.

Going back and double checking to make sure the sale forecast, pro forma statement, asset requirements, financial requirements, plug, and economic assumption is accurate and that everything is taking into consideration. Everyone needs to understand exactly what role they play and what their responsibilities will be.

As a leader of a company, strategic decision making is something that should be looked at from every angle and it should not be a rushed decision. As a company, the senior management team has to ask how will this affect the employees working for them, how can I get my employees to buy into this idea and what kind of customer experience will I create after this is done? "Effective communication is vital to all organizations because it coordinates employees, fulfills employee needs, support knowledge...