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Many people think that going away to college is a bad idea but actually it is the best learning experience. Most people arte under the conception that all college students do is party and not study, and that if one was to stay home in their own environment that they would have better learning skills. But actually studies have shown that going away to college forms you into the person that you are.

Most college students go to their particular school not knowing anyone, so basically everyone is in the same position. A person will make a totally new group of friends within the first few weeks of school. Making this transition may seem hard at first but actually it makes you become a more confident person. A student will not change their circle of friends; instead they will expand upon it.

In my personal experience I came to college knowing two other people from my hometown.

By knowing these people it made me feel more confident coming to school, even though I didn't see them for the first full week of school, just knowing that they were there for me if I needed them was enough. I met a totally new group of people within that week too. By meeting new people you are learning how to apply your social skills, which you may not have done since you began grammar school.

Another reason that people think that going away to college is a bad idea that all students will do is party. Actually the truth is, students that are away to school get more work done than those living at home. Away at school you do not have the distractions that you would have at school. At school everyone is doing work, so there are times in...