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Canada's Endangered Species

n the focus of a major recovery effort for twenty years.In 1938 around Manyberries, Alberta was the last time a swift fox was seen in Canada. Then in 1983 an attempt for their return was made. Because ...

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o torturous? The hair he wrenched out of her head used to be a bed of flowing honey. I remember the last time I held it, final time I saw it, all glossy and golden. All I saw was a scalp blanketed in ... ected sense of tranquility manifested inside of me, but only because he was gone. This calm feeling lasted only a heartbeat, the blink of an eye, and then, just like that, it was gone. What replaced i ...

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Get into College.

ediate family. Timid and shy, he decided he had listened to his mother's continuous nagging for the last time. That weekend, he would do as she said and 'just go' to see an audition for the community' ...

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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and The Conspiracy of 1865. An imagined autobiography of the assassinator.

that hide between the spaces of light and my sanity; trying to write. Here I sit; staring, for the last time out a porthole of a window into a world of whose pleasures I will no longer experience. It ... e play Our American Cousin. I had until just before then to get to Ford's Theater. I had to use the last of my savings to rent another horse from an elderly couple just across the bridge. The sun had ...

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"Saying Goodbye" by: Tina Wang

ple, when your best friend or family member is moving to a country, far far away.That moment is the last time you can see them. Your feel so sad and the least thing you could do is to say goodbye.Sayi ...

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looks at how we see weed amercan people

cceptance for those that we so commonly so often cast out as criminals.In the late nineties was the last time pot was making a big push in Washington. This led to a lot of things such as to why it is ...

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The Many kinds of Love

When was the last time you looked someone in the eyes and told them that you loved them? Was it a family member? ...

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Why we should go to war with Iraq!

ting for. It's freedom, not oil.Listen for a second. What do you hear? Explosions? No. When was the last time your city was bombed? When was the last time that you had to fear for your life? The U.S. ...

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a first person narative for english 101 called "We Make Memories"

was a giant red ball on the horizon. The midway was packed with people, as it is every Sunday, the last night of the show.All of the rides had just lit up as the sun would set in another twenty minut ... ffee I was bringing back for me and my crew. The carnival would close in another four hours for the last time in this town. This is slough night, the busiest night of the week for Carney's. At midnigh ...

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Pathological Gambling

Pathological GamblingWhen was the last time you gambled? Did you do it for pure entertainment purposes or were you unable to resist im ... o "chase" their losses, believing they must return as soon as possible to win back their losses.The last phase of pathological gambling is the desperation phase. This is marked by an even bigger incre ...

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Aristotle and Sophocles.

t From Beginning to End"Ah God! It was true! All the prophecies! O Light, may I look on you for the last time! I, Oedipus, Oedipus, damned in his birth, in his marriage damned, damned in the blood he ... dies by fate, regardless of the characters attempts to avoid it.Composing a piece of art that would last for hundreds of years may not have been what Sophocles had in mind when he wrote the play Oedip ...

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The key chain in my hand.

I started to miss them so much all of a sudden. Wondering howlong it have been since I saw them the last time - which was at theKimpo International Airport in Korea - I opened up my PersonalDigital As ...

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Minimum Wage.

Minimum WageWhen was the last time a "value" meal from McDonalds, let alone any other fast food chain, did not cost five doll ... rom McDonalds, let alone any other fast food chain, did not cost five dollars or more? When was the last time premium gas was under a dollar a gallon? It's hard to remember, isn't it? Wouldn't it be g ... of more money for less work has forced Uncle Sam to raise the minimum wage innumerable times in the last half century, which results in higher prices for the rest of us. However the raise in minimum w ...

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A Plea For Help!

ow me to tell you how we live so you can put your self in our shoes. A lot of us can't remember the last time we had a meal, and whatever it was probably contained something so meager, it couldn't fil ...

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The Significance of Rhetoric in Music.

ation is music. You may doubt my sanity or think to yourself "Yeah, right." After all, when was the last time any of us heard a "persuasive" piece of music? Non-the-less, I ask you to bear with me and ... Altogether, add the rhythm and most of the time you get a persuasive speech acknowledging rhetoric.Last but not least, music and rhetoric are both oriented toward their audience. Music is preformed j ...

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The Apartment.

he game that was going to be on. Afootball game if I recall correctly. Immediately I thought of the last time I was at hishouse. I thought of the pig sty that it was and how uncomfortable it made me f ... room in disbelief.I crossed the living room again to enter the kitchen. I thought of how it was thelast time I was here. There was about six weeks of dirty dishes. The counter tops werecovered with o ...

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"george orwell and shooting an elephant" talks about the imperalism that george has in this short story.

his trunk reaching skyward like a tree"(Orwell/741). He describes the elephant falling down for the last time with his tusks up high like the British Empire and the collapsing and Orwell loves every m ...

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This is a reaction paper i did for my speech class and the purpose was to inform someone about a time in my life that really affected me. there is no title for it. enjoy :D

nce said, Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will. Have you ever been with so ... life in the past was pretty average for a teenage girl. Had a few boyfriends, most of them did not last that long. But of course there is always that one guy that takes your breath away. His name is ...

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The Man Eating Hamburger.

od enough.The boss put me in charge of cooking the burgers, it was the only job that I was good at. Last time he put me at the counter I gave a lady a twenty-dollar note instead of a five, I'm not ver ... as ever going to defeat the giant hamburger. In the morning I was very hungry, I had not had dinner last night so I made myself a triple bacon, beef and cheeseburger with extra sauce. As soon as I had ...

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Wasting "love"

mething that you express to someone that you can not, in any way, see living your life without. The last time I saw the young man who claimed he loved me, was on my seventeenth birthday when he told m ...

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