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What the Hell?

Marijuana has been in existence for quite some time. So many individuals have used it whether we know it or not. Pot has been a backbone for many at the end of the day and for others maybe it helps them go to bed faster. Others it helps get them ready for their test at ten o'clock or maybe, just maybe, it allows them to perform on the field. So why is it not legal? The majority of the reason why it is not legal speaks very loudly in Washington D.C. Politicians have been running this country for a number of years and to legalize something that they are making millions trying to stop would put a serious dent in their lives. Marijuana would do good things for a country that has a lot of problems not to mention providing acceptance for those that we so commonly so often cast out as criminals.

In the late nineties was the last time pot was making a big push in Washington. This led to a lot of things such as to why it is not legal. At this time, a three point two billion dollar was passed to fight the drug war. Tobacco, unfortunately, was not included among the prime targets. Hmmm...how convenient for the members of Congress to just overlook the one drug that kills most Americans. I wonder if it has anything to do with Campaign contributions. Corporate America has much to say when it comes to what goes on in Washington and have enough power to almost control what goes on in Washington.

America has a big problem with crime and criminals. In many countries where drugs are legal the crime rate is low and sometimes even zero. In Amsterdam, crime has become almost...