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Wilderness Area.

IntroductionThe importance of fire as a keystone process in northern Rocky Mountain forests is widely recognized (e.g., Habeck and Mutch 1973; Wright and Heinselman 1973; Arno ... ics of a forest. The prevailing model of forest recovery in subalpine forests of the northern Rocky Mountains includes rapid colonization of a site immediately following a fire event by lodgepole pine ... extremely long lived, within the SBW old, living whitebark pine are somewhat rare due to widespread mountain pine beetle epidemics during the 1930's that resulted in regional mortality (Evenden 1934; ...

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State of the Environment

grading, our quality of living is also slowly degrading. Water is our main concern. The wetland and mountainous ecosystems can provide water for four billion people. Water levels have stayed constant ... oon not have enough water for everyone. Our important ecosystems, like the wetlands, mangroves, and mountain forests, are disappearing and being replaced by populated urban areas such as towns and cit ...

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Mountain Gorrillas

is left of the gorillas. Almost all species of gorillas are critically endanger of extinction. The mountain gorilla is the closest to being totally wiped from the face of the earth. There are less th ... is the closest to being totally wiped from the face of the earth. There are less then 600 estimated mountain gorillas in the world today. Without better protection of the gorilla, the species will soo ...

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Lifestyle of Red Pandas

tail length of 28.0 - 48.5cm, and a weight of 3.0 - 4.5kg3.HabitatRed pandas are found in temperate mountain forests and bamboo thickets distributed in Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Northern Burma, and the p ... ontally on the ground. It’s even used as a cover or pillow when sleeping, especially at chilly mountain heights. The tail benefits them when they sleep during the day, shielding their eyes agains ...

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