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All about Pneumonia

d and sometimes deadly infection or inflammation of your lungs. The air sacs in the lungs fill with mucus and other liquids. When this happens oxygen has trouble reaching your blood. When there is too ... ptomsBacterial Pneumonia:Gradual to suddenChillsChattering TeethSevere chest painCough/ coughing up mucusTemp up to 105 degrees FBreathing increasesHeart rate increasesLips have bluish colorConfused o ...

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Functions of organs in the digestive system,(BASIC)

the teeth by dissolving food particles so that they may be eaten. Saliva also contains enzymes and mucus. There are three major pairs of salivary glands. The parotid gland carries its contents and dr ...

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This essay is about the digestive system organs and functions. It covers information about the path food travels.

ystem. It processes and stores food so the body can use it. It produces enzymes, hydrochloric acid, mucus, hormones and Vitamin K. The system absorbs nutrients to send throughout the blood stream. Las ...

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Cystic Fibrosis.

rders. Severe Breathing problems that can be a result of CF, is caused by forming a thick-condensed mucus which develops a blockage and prevents oxygen to pass through the trachea (an air-passage way ... nate any type of bacteria which may lead to a continuous cycle of infections and inflammations. The mucus-producing glands in the airways of the lungs, produce a large amount of abnormal secreations t ...

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The Black Death. Symptoms, Causes, and cures of the black death that plagued Europe between 1347-1351.

ed before they reached another place. Symptoms for the pneumonic plague included coughing up bloody mucus, because this form of plague infected the lungs. This form of Plague was especially dangerous ...

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This is a list of all things a person normally doesnt know. Great Facts of Life.

nce had.A rat can last longer without water than a camel.Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks or itwill digest itself.The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp pa ...

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HIV and AIDS: Causes and Affects On the Population of Nigeria

eloped hemorrhoids, and experienced extreme weight loss, fevers, and his coughing would bring forth mucus mixed with blood. Shortly after his ailments began he quit his job, as his co-workers rumored ...

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Immune response

innate immunity. Innate immunity encompasses skin, and the respiratory system, which also contains mucus that traps and destroys invaders. This type of Immunity destroys any foreign invader before th ...

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Respiratory Function / Dysfunction

ls of the nasal cavity have a carpet of tiny hair-like bristles called Cilia, that sweep debris and mucus upward, so that it is swallowed or coughed out. Other cells, called Goblet cells, line the air ... is swallowed or coughed out. Other cells, called Goblet cells, line the airways and secrete sticky mucus to trap dust or other particles. The consistent sweeping motion of the cilia filter out debris ...

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Cystic Fibrosis

involved in the digestive process). Cystic fibrosis involves changes in the chemical properties of mucus, causing thicker-than-normal mucus that can lead to obstructions in the respiratory and digest ... ad to obstructions in the respiratory and digestive systems.In the respiratory system, the abnormal mucus obstructs airways and also creates conditions that lead to repeated infections in the lungs, w ...

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The advantages of using genetic engineering far outweigh the risks. Discuss.

genes. In cystic fibrosis, if the CFTR gene mutates, it can stop lung cell keeping its stability of mucus. Moreover, it can also damage the power to resist bacteria. Thus it will result in appearance ...

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Excellent Cystic Fibrosis Report....has causes, description, how it can be detected, and treatments!

lls that make up the organs of the body, such as the lungs and the pancreas. This causes the body's mucus (the slimy secretions that moisten and protect body tissues) to become extra thick and sticky. ... reatmentThe treatment of CF depends upon the stage of the disease and the organs involved. Clearing mucus from the lungs is an important part of the daily CF treatment regimen. Chest physical therapy ...

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Pros and Cons of Vitamin Supplements

n A. It has many important functions in your body, such as maintaining the health of your skin and mucus linings, improving your immunity from infections, and helps eyesight when in dim light. Vitam ...

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Impact of media violence on society: an argumentative speech

the latest "goss", it makes us laugh, sits by our sides on those sleepless nights, helps drain the mucus from our nasal passages during the cold winter days when we should be at school but are too "s ...

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Soapbox Speech: China's Female Infanticide

China's Female InfanticideTied up in urine soaked blankets, scabs of mucus growing across her eyes. Her face, slowly shrinking to a skull, whilst malnutrition devours he ...

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The limitations, assumptions and consequences to a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

d in 1989. Researchers are experimenting with correcting the defective gene. In 1993 a drug to thin mucus called Pulmozyme (dornase alfa) was introduced, and in 1997 an inhaled antibiotic (tobramycin) ...

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Respitory theripist.

orkers in all occupations. Respiratory therapists perform chest physiotherapy on patients to remove mucus from their lungs and make it easier for them to breathe. Specific training is required for ent ...

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Cervical Cancer

al pregnancy. Other functions of the cervix include producing lubrication for the vagina, producing mucus to help with sperm movement, holding the baby in the uterus during pregnancy. and in some wome ...

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Digestive System

h as Pepsin (which begins protein digestion), which are secreted by the stomach wall. Secretions of mucus protect the stomach from its digestive enzymes. The food is then mixed in the stomach, turning ...

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Digestive System Evolution

ores. Flagellated cells called choanocytes contribute to water from and also trap food particles in mucus-covered collars surrounding the bases of the flagella. The choanocytes then engulf the food by ...

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