Impact of media violence on society: an argumentative speech

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Television. This's just a piece of plastic...inside there are hundreds of electronic do-dads and thingy-ma-bobs that are all intricately placed, ever so intricately placed, to form this....a box, a large plastic box. But TV is a friend to us all, is it not? It babysat us when we were younger, it brings comfort to our fragile souls when we are down, keeps us up to date with all the latest "goss", it makes us laugh, sits by our sides on those sleepless nights, helps drain the mucus from our nasal passages during the cold winter days when we should be at school but are too "sick" to put on our uniforms. It brings family's together in the evenings, can't you just see that family of five, maybe six, basking in the glowing warmth of the television set as it captures the images beamed from satellites up in space. Yes television is true friend in deed.

Then why is it that our friend, the television, is being blamed for the breakdown of society?

I have searched ever so long to find the answer to that very question and it has become my understanding that it is not the TV itself that is being blamed but the warm glowing images of brutal violence that are contributing to society's collapse.

So then the question becomes: are the violent images portrayed on television and movie screens alike to blame for the breakdown of society? Short answer no, long answer...well you're just going to have to listen to the rest of my speech to find out.

Some people think that there is a relationship between the violence portrayed on screen and that which exists in society. While violence may be a sign of social disorder, there is no justifiable link between the two. Over...