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Rock and Roll in Texas.

assignment I attended a Blue October concert at The Back Room here in Austin. My personal favorite musical genre is rock, and Blue October is a Houston rock band. They have a cult-like following and ... entifiable as Texan by appearance or sound, and their music does not challenge any particular Texas musical tradition. The style of the performance alternates between a louder/heavier sound to one tha ...

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Essay which compares and contrasts two things. Well written and is also in APA style.

on and Garfunkal,Donavan, and Chicago. In the sixties rap was not yet introduced into society, as a musicalgenre. Many people felt that rock n' roll was a bad influence on young people, and adultsalik ...

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Counter - culture study: Adam Freeland, Breakbeat pioneer and political activist

as displayed various forms of counter - cultural practice. He is recognised as having pioneered the musical genre, breakbeat/nu skool breaks, and to this day has continued to expand the limits of this ... to masses of people in an overground or commercialised setting, and still uphold their underground musical status.Adam Freeland recently released his debut artist album, titled Now and Them. The albu ...

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Jewish Music in the 20th Century America

kind of service leader aiding the general population of the service in praying together as a group. Musical liturgy in particular produces great feelings of worship and especially unity as the entire ... ecomes homophonic; on its own, however, it is usually monophonic, except in the rare case that some musically gifted members of the congregation decide to add contrasting melodies to produce an a capp ...

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Jazz: Urban and Rural Reactions In the 1920s

ographical settings. Many of the white people living in rural areas disliked and rejected jazz as a musical genre. However, the urban city-dwellers were more fond of it; therefore, it was more general ... that was played was ever written. Jazz evolved from the blues, ragtime, brass band music, and other musical works that were all around the United States. "One important factor that existed only in New ...

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Australia 1920s

d pianos with friendsand famil. Gramophones were strting to produce a much better sound and the new musical genre of jazz started to become a hit.Music And Dance: Dances held at church halls,dance stu ...

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"Stupid Girls" and Trend-whores: Popular Music Lashes Out Against Plastic Girls

ysis is prudent, so let's begin then with "popular music" (in this case not to be confused with the musical genre known as "pop"). Now, after perusing several dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and electro ... t statement lyrically, but her execution of the video undermines the validity of the lyrics. P!nk's musical style in comparison to Lady Sovereign's is undoubtedly more matured and polished, having bee ...

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How are generic codes and narrative structure established in the 'post Havana' sequence of Guys and Dolls?

nd Sarah’s trip to Havana.“Guys and Dolls” is a hybrid of genres including gangster, musical and romance. It has elements of three different story types – Romeo and Juliet because ... ky.In this scene there are five separate settings, Broadway – which is a common setting in the musical genre, the sewer and the ‘Save a Soul’ mission – which could be seen as repre ...

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