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Rock & Roll: Its effects on our culture

g the piano at the age of 5. He amazed his family each time he sat down to play. A lot of Johnson=s musical influence came from jazz bands and musicians such ast Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson. Johnson ... ay for the teens to get away and release a lot of the stress. Around 1954 Elvis Presley started his musical career. The young girls loved him and his gyrating hips. The parents of the teenagers were a ...

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William Grant Still

ther and stepfather were interested in music and encouraged their children as well. Still began his musical education taking violin lessons and listening to opera recordings bought by his stepfather. ... ra recordings bought by his stepfather. The musical influence of his childhood greatly affected his musical path to success during the mid-1900s.Still attended Wilberforce University in 1911 as a pre- ...

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Jimi Hendrix Listening guides: technique, style, examples, musical influences, etc.

, John Mayer and John Frusciante from RHCP are some of the many famous guitarists whom admit Jimi's musical influence.One of his most influential and individual techniques, was Jimi's improvisation, u ...

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Independent Music Vs Mainstream Pop

c, there are mainstream "pop" artists, and artists that are independent. Generally aside from musical influence and similarities in their actual sound, these artists do not associate with each o ... r of albums, allow the record company the final say on what is released, not to appear in any other musical acts or shows without the labels permission, and to perform live at concerts to promote the ...

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The Music of Stevie Wonder

grew older he began to pursue a music career and did so with it kicking off in the early 1960s. His musical style is very distinct as it does not vary a lot from song to song although each song has no ... ful. Throughout this essay I will discuss the music of Stevie Wonder whilst giving reference to his musical influences.Stevie Wonders music has been described as many different style within the pas ...

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