The Music of Stevie Wonder

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Stevie Wonder was born on May 13 1950 in Saginaw, MI. From a young age it was known that he was born to make music with talents on many instruments. He played the drums, piano and was a talented singer by the age of nine. As he grew older he began to pursue a music career and did so with it kicking off in the early 1960s. His musical style is very distinct as it does not vary a lot from song to song although each song has not only one musical influence within it, this was one reason why Stevie Wonders music was so successful. Throughout this essay I will discuss the music of Stevie Wonder whilst giving reference to his musical influences.

Stevie Wonders music has been described as many different style within the past this including soul. Soul and gospel music is a style of music in which combines both rhythm and blues along with gospel music.

Stevie Wonder uses elements from each of these styles in different songs. Wonder uses many Gospel shouts throughout his music. For example; his hit Sign Sealed delivered includes gospel shouts throughout the song. In the very beginning before the lyrics begin he lets out a gospel shout. Free-willing devotion is a common element in which many gospel singers include within their music and after listening to a Stevie Wonder album you can hear the passion within his voice; it tells a story. Stevie Wonders hit I wish has many soul elements within it. It uses a brass backings along with many of Stevie Wonders songs, and with the brass backings throughout the chorus we hear him develop almost a call and response pattern. His voice has a particular soul-like twang within it although it still has the full soulfullness to...