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Honus Wagner

s. Instead he signed with Steubenvill and played on four minor league teams before signing with the national league Louisville Cardinals in 1897. Wagner played for Louisville for three years primarill ... ears primarilly as an outfielder and a third basemen. In 1900 Louisville was to be dropped from the national league so several players went to Pittsburgh. Among those joining Wagner was future Hall of ...

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Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

ts on major league games. Because of this ban, Pete Rose is also ineligible to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Saraceno's article may be correct; Pete Rose may be a gambler and no ... r most career hits (4,256), the all-time Major League record for most singles (3,315), the all-time National League record for most career runs (2,165), and the modern National League record for longe ...

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Should Steroids Be Allowed into Hall of Fame

nto the Hall of Fame", there is a sentence that really stands out to the reader. "Since the dawn of baseball, players have used whatever substances they believed would help them perform better, heal f ... uld help them perform better, heal faster, or relax during a long and stressful season" (253). As a baseball fan I read Chafet's essay knowing that some players used steroids, but it does not validate ...

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