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Justice in the Orestia. A look at the contrasting views of justice in Greece, and the transition to a deliberative for of justice.

gy The Oresteia, the Akhaians evolve from an older, more primitive autocratic form of justice, to a new concept of civil justice devised by Athena. He confronts the contrast between the old and new or ... lines of Agamemnon the chorus foreshadows Orestes' return. Clytaemnestra responds by saying to her new husband, 'We will set the house in order once for all.' (Agamemnon lines 1708) The chorus's purp ...

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The Tempest. An Imperialist Heaven or Hell?

king itself known throughout the world by colonizing other cultures. Great Britain was reaching for new heights of power. In the play Shakespeare questions the value of this new concept of British imp ... with his daughter to find it already inhabited by two savages. Upon arrival, Prospero brought his "new" ideas with him, and began to force them upon these two savages, Sycorax and Caliban. He believe ...

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tober 2001PrivacyYou're standing in an airport and you do not know who is standing behind you. With new technology this process could be changing. Cameras that watch over public places and use face re ... ionics Corporation assures the public that they are ready, willing, and able to participate in this new concept of security. "We are pleased to have received approval from the National Institute of Ju ...

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Resumé of living in a virtual world

In the text virtual reality is a new concept which takes humans into a computer-modelled environment. Unlike canned computer graphics ... progress and who knows what it will be used for.ESSAY:'The Virtual World 'The virtual reality is a new interesting subject that is more and more finding its way in our everyday life. Virtual Reality ... it will be possible to operate on a patient from the other side of the world.This will make a hole new possibility of making things that were not possible before the virtual reality came.This is a gr ...

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Study the rise of Swiss heavy infantry. Describe the arms, armor and tactical formation of the Swiss heavy infantryman.

ight was so relied upon during the Hundred Years' War, this heavy infantry tactic was by no means a new concept, but considering the time of its reemergence, it was revolutionary.To counter the power ... s and their audacity allowed them to maneuver infantry units successfully. The Swiss perfected this new heavy infantry phalanx by repetitive drills, which enabled the Pike Square to march in step to f ...

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A paper discussing Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and how aspects of each religion has affected general social behavior. "History of God" by Karen Armstrong as reference

the idea that God is anthropomorphic in these monotheistic religions. While this is certainly not a new concept in the arena of religion, its application has been fairly unique in regards to monotheis ... s of the Jewish Old Testament by compiling the revelations of Jesus Christ and his disciples into a New Testament. The concept of Jesus Christ seems to be the ultimate anthropomorphism of God among th ...

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Thomas Jefferson's Statute of Religious Freedom.

changed dramatically and continue to be a constantly changing issue today. Religious freedom was a new concept in 1786, especially since colonies like Massachusetts and Pennsylvania were founded on r ... ols maintained a significant distance from the status of propagation in state.All of the relatively new viewpoints of the eighteenth century directly influenced our current views on religion in state ...

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Race related issues are not a new concept.

Race related issues are not a new concept. Man certainly didn't need to develop theories or philosophies to know that some people ... ction that would target the enigmatic "underprivileged." Companies and universities might formulate new ways of assigning preference that would end up benefiting minorities overall without doing so sp ...

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"The Universe, And Everything" by Douglas Adams.

lot to do with the plot towards the end. Also, Douglas goes off on a tangent every time he states a new concept or idea. He usually quotes what the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy says about the subje ...

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World War I, military conflict.

e front, which was widely employed for the first time during World War I, perfectly symbolized this new concept of a war in which the civilian population behind the lines was directly and critically i ... ormed beyond recognition. The German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, and Ottoman empires had collapsed. New areas were carved out of their former lands, and the boundaries of many other countries were red ...

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Most important innovations that Sophocles the Author brought to "Oedipus the King", were religious paradox, and dramatic Irony!

Oedipus the King, is the way he brings religious paradox and dramatic irony together making fate a new concept and relating that to a monotheistic theology as apposed to a polytheistic one.Sophocles ... he city's people who are under Oedipus'rule realize this. Then Oedipus says,"O lord Apollo! May his news be fair as his faceis radiant!"(Sphocles 83-84)Oedipus is asking his god Apollo, to make the ne ...

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This essay is about reflective practice on a particular incident that happened on the ward during a student nurses's practice.

ht by Boud, Keogh and Walker(1987,pg 11) and this is proof as well that reflective practice isn't a new concept. It is so, as they traced similar ideas back to Aristoles writings on practical judgemen ... ore relevant in this way.DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENTI was on a surgical ward for my placement. It was a new experience as it was my first time on a ward. There was a patient I was looking after. I'll call ...

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Volvo's Bear Foot Misstep.

The oversized truck crushed all the other vehicles in its way, except the Volvo wagon and thus the new concept of the car's added strength was adopted.Immediate production of an advertisement to serv ...

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Freedom and Justice. The war with capital punishment.

ay in the U.S., most prisoners are executed by lethal injection. Capital punishment, although not a new concept, continues to be debated in our society. Is it or is it not right to kill someone who ha ... day. It has been used for various crimes. Killing someone who has killed another is certainly not a new concept. Capital punishment and the death penalty, two terms used interchangeably, refer to the ...

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Motivation in the Workplace applying Maslow and Herzberg theories.

ication of Maslow and Herzberg's motivational theories and the details involved in the process.This new concept of the XXXX drive through installation process has met with an unbelievable response fro ... en working long hours and spending much time away from their families in the process of opening the new stores. The first reward they will receive relates to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The employees ...

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Tivo, what went wrong

loped as an entertainment service.II.Consumers want control over what they see.III.TiVo was a whole new concept that would interest the consumer.IV.With an excellent marketing strategy TiVo can be the ... n of TiVo in the market, advertisers and cable & satellite companies were not pleased with this new product. The main source of income for television stations comes from advertising and commercial ...

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A review of the article "Introducing percents in linear measurement to foster an understanding of rational-number operations" A critical reading

have a good conceptual grounding in the rational numbers. Personally, when I was introduced to this new concept I was confused almost daily because my teacher expected me to just accept what she was s ... ds for working with these numbers.In this day and age, it does not seem unusual to try and discover new ways of teaching and learning, incorporating tools and manipulative, and yet we cannot seem to c ...

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Cybertron's Great Disgrace

lance of life.On another TV series or movie this premise would've been right at home. This is not a new concept if you stop and think about it. But after seeing the last episode of BM in Real Media fo ... s implied that Cybertron would become something more and of course not everyone believed it. But I knew what was going to happen like I sometimes usually do.And it really goes back to Beast Wars which ...

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"The Microsoft monopoly should be broken up." Evaluate this claim using economic theory and evidence on the welfare effects of monopoly and competition.

Clayton act, to monopolise commerce. The claim that a company should be broken up is clearly not a new concept in America. In the early 20th century this law was called upon to reduce the economic po ... er had to buy and could also sign them up to long-term contracts. This eliminated the chance of any new operating systems becoming popular as the competitors had to create a system faster than Microso ...

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Why did Putin engage in federal reform as his immediate priority on coming to power? What were the main aspects of his policy?

ion was not threatened. This principle of granting local privileges in return for loyalty was not a new concept; indeed it was practiced by the Ottoman and Hapsburg empires. However this tolerance of ... tate appeared to be at serious risk. Certainly, the "August events" presented regional leaders with new opportunities to further challenge central authority. But their abilities and propensities to av ...

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