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Change is often resisted at organisational and individual levels. Consider the reasons for this resistance and what strategies managers should adopt in order to successfully lead change'

tions and pay incentives. Then a real working example of an organisational change is reviewed in an NHS Trust hospital.Organisational change is a necessary and vital part of any company, as it ensures ... viour: Individuals, Groups and Organisation' (2003). In the 2000-01 business plan of a medium sized NHS Trust hospital, objectives were set out to improve the hospitals running, one of them was 'To in ...

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Clinical Supervision

l challenge for clinical supervision teams within Trusts. This paper sets out how Dorset Healthcare NHS Trust (a specialist mental health and learning disability Trust) has met and responded to this c ... at team level. In order to monitor and record team clinical supervision activity, Dorset Healthcare NHS Trust provided each clinical team with a clinical supervision portfolio. The portfolio consisted ...

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NHS, Strategic Growth and Plans for the Future

INTRODUCTIONNHS is one of the largest organisations in Europe and came into existence about fifty years ago. It ... kind, state run and not for profit establishment which promotes direct primary and secondary care..NHS is a major resource consumer and also the nation's most extensive employer. It could be called a ... is given to patients and patients are therefore the highest priority.The National Health Service or NHS as it is more commonly known was set up on the 5th July 1948 to provide healthcare for all citiz ...

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Clinical audit

The most widely cited formal definition describes clinical governance as:"A framework through which NHS organizations are accountable for continually improving the quality of their services and safegu ... training and clinical audit.Clinical audit (appendix 2) is the process formally introduced into the NHS in 1993. Clinical audit comes under the clinical governance umbrella and forms part of the syste ...

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The Therapeutic Intervention of Antipsychotic Medication and the Process of a Patient Changing to a New Medication to Hopefully Improve His Quality of Life

cts of mentally ill health or distress, or retaining psychological/psychosocial equilibrium (Derwen NHS Trust, 2008).This essay examines the therapeutic intervention of medication and the process of a ... or people with psychiatric disabilities. Journal of Social Work and Health Care 25: pp.11-24.Derwen NHS Trust (2008) Action in Mental Health - Therapeutic Interventions / Activities. Derwen, Wales, UK ...

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