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Craig Raine's Poem "A martian sends a postcard home". Describe how you would turn the poem into a short film

in essence it is a Martian writing to his people back home. The theme of difference and alienation (no pun intended) is represented by the Martians lack of the proper words or terms to describe everyd ... the Martian can observe and listen to people and things around him it is quite evident that he does not have any social interaction even on a casual level. One of the most important aspects of a film ...

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My continued complete refutation of the Bible verse by verse: Leviticus

re-reading the same detailed instructions for sacrificing animals to your god repeated ad nauseum (no pun intended), suffice it to say that God demands a clean animal to be slaughtered with the blood ... t is, he will be both unclean and guilty.v.15&17: Apparently it is possible to sin without even knowing that you have done anything wrong. With that kind of thinking, it makes it more understandab ...

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Ginko Biloba

member of the Gingko family, the Ginkgoaceae trees trace their roots back past the Jurassic period, no pun intended. In the prehistoric period there were dozens of different species of the Gingko, why ... ame Biloba. The Gingko has a male and a female tree, both having the fruiting bodies. The female cannot bare fruit until twenty years after it sprouts. The majority of people however only have the mal ...

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