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Qualities that shape an empire

ntries to map out and claim land for their own had begun. Along with India, all of southern Asia to Northern Australia was claimed for several venturous European countries. After the British fought of ... entually spread from Britain, Gaul, Iberia, Dalmatia, Macedonia, Anatolia, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Northern Africa. Its positive influence was also felt throughout the Mediterranean, Northern Africa ...

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The changing role of indigenous people in Australia from 1960 to 1975.

inuing difficulties, and criticisms of the treatment of Aboriginal people especially in central and northern Australia, led in 1936 to demands by the States and by voluntary bodies for increased Commo ... esult. Expenditure on health, housing, education and training programs began to be increased in the Northern Territory and in the States. The decline in the Aboriginal population in the north and cent ...

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Buddhism in Australia.

came to Australia. It has argued that there may have been contact between the Aboriginal people of northern Australia and the early Hindu-Buddhist civilisations of Indonesia. It is also possible that ... groups of Sinhalese from Sri Lanka began to arrive in Australia to work on the sugar plantations of northern Queensland, or in the pearling industry centred on Thursday Island. By the 1890s, the Buddh ...

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Riparian Zone Effects

possibility of creating highly anoxic aquatic environments; this was the case in the Mary River in Northern Australia, within a study conducted by Simon A. Townsend & C. A. Edwards in 2003. The S ...

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Letter to EPA about the Savannah Biome and why we need to protect it

n South America, the African savannah with some forms of trees, and the lightly wooded savannahs of northern Australia, there is one problem that they all have in common: humans burning down acres and ...

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Rainforest diversity and destruction.

of the Americas, Asia and Africa. Smaller areas of rainforest exist on many pacific islands and in northern Australia.-Half the world's Rainforests grow in the American Tropics.-The Amazon jungle is ...

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Humans And Fauna In Australia

ere these animals extinct?? Horton (1980), describes how Leichhart believed that on his journeys to northern Australia he would find Diprotodon still roaming over the land. We now know that he was pro ... ge animals. Animals like the Mammoth, giant ground sloths, and mastodons were roaming the Americas. Northern Eurasia featured woolly mammoths, giant deer, hippopotamus and straight tusked elephants. O ...

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Oral on the fall of the Berlin wall, Rise of the German People and Relevance to Australia

rring in our peaceful nation. Imagine a split nation. No longer a whole, but instead a southern and northern Australia.Southern Australia:New South WalesVictoriaSouth AustraliaTasmaniaNorthern Austral ...

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Termite Mounds

Termite Mound is found on Stuart Highway near Darwin in northern territory, Australia. Termite mounds aren't just found in Australia, thy are found all over ... regular growth rings, its age cannot be exactly determined. Other termite mounds in the top end of Northern Australia have distinctive features of a number of dry tropical habitats.The challenges fac ...

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and health care to them. So some of their land was given back, like the National Park. It is in the northern Australia, about two hours by car from Darwin . The park is 6.000 square km and there are l ...

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Investigating Australia's Physical Environments

desert or semi desert. There are places in Australia which receive less than 300mm of rain a year. Northern Australia lies in the Tropics and they experience warm to hot temperatures all year round. ... the four major landforms in Australia. Australia is also a fine example of weathering. Uluru in the Northern Territory and Wave Rock in Western Australia are examples.Soil is an important natural reso ...

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