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Greatest Technology of the 20th Century. (I chose the atom)

ly surrendered after the use of it upon their nation, and its devastation is still remembered today.Nuclear power is a relatively new source of clean energy. Obtained by nuclear fission, or the proces ... splitting an atom, there are virtually no "greenhouse gasses" produced. The only side effect is the nuclear waste, which is toxic for about 10,000 to 20,000 years. Nuclear power is very convenient, al ...

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Radioisotope technology - tracers

In recent years, the development of and further research into nuclear technology has lead to the ever-increasing usage of radioisotopes in Biology, particularly a ... diography, gamma ray spectrometers, scintillation counters, Positron Emission Tomography, SPECT and nuclear imaging, we can detect the radiation emitted from the radioisotopes as they decay and trace ... race the paths that the elements take. In addition to this, the development of technologies such as nuclear reactors and cyclotrons means that we can not only rely on the 50 naturally occurring radioi ...

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HRM and Industrial Relations in The Health Sector in Trinidad and Tobago

the wards. There are also generous ambulatory health care facilities, thirteen operating theatres, Nuclear Medicine, CAT Scanning and other Radiological facilities, as well as provisions for speciali ...

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Nuclear Medicine Speech. assessment details: present an oral report on a subject of your choice (3 - 10 minutes in length). include power point presentation.

Nuclear medicine is a vital part of the emerging molecular imaging industry, in which non-invasive t ... about the functionality of specific organs and areas via radioisotopes. The use of radioisotopes in nuclear medicine is to either aid diagnosis or for therapeutic use in treatment of disease. A few of ... , diagnosis imaging, radioisotope selection criteria, and radiation dose.Most radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine are produced in nuclear reactors. The radioisotopes are produced by bombarding a st ...

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Nuclear Energy an Aid for Humanity

Nuclear Energy an Aid for HumanityAccording to the web page,, nuclear power plan ... s produce about 20 percent of America's power. In 2009, America produced 798.7 billion kilowatts of nuclear energy, more than twice which of any other country and over 30% of all the nuclear energy ge ... f any other country and over 30% of all the nuclear energy generated worldwide that year. Since the nuclear technology appeared, it has been an aid to all humans. "Nuclear energy is America's largest ...

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PET scans

To understand how radioisotopes are used in nuclear medicine, we first have to understand what they are and how they work alone. Radioisotopes a ... n't realize that the right amount of radiation and therapy a patient's life may be saved.References:Nuclear medicines and radioisotopes. (n.d.). Retrieved September 17, 2014. ( ... otopes. (n.d.). Retrieved September 17, 2014. (" medical news." Medical News Today . MediLexicon International, ...

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