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Is Capital Punishment Biblical?

chings of Jesus and others in the New testament readily denounce it. Therefore, both advocates ands opponents of capital punishment have Biblical references to support their beliefs.Opponents use the ... e people stone a woman that is caught in adultery. Jesus is known for giving people second chances. Opponents of the death penalty think that everyone should learn from Jesus and give others a second ...

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The Ressurection of Jesus Christ

14, 'And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.' This is why opponents of the Christian faith have tried to attempt to discredit the Biblical account of the resu ... esses to the life of Christ were still alive. For the most part the non-Christian eyewitnesses were opponents of the faith. The resulting effect of this would be the necessity for the disciples to rel ...

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How to fight successfully in hockey

hurts the opponent more. Also, it iseasier to grab with your bare hands. Next, you must rip offthe opponents helmet by grabbing the back of the helmetand pulling it toward yourself. Once you have the ...

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The Need for Weed

fornia, legalizing the medical use of marijuana. Even though the majority (56%) voted to pass 215, opponents plan to continue to fight the measure. It was also so in Arizona, where Proposition 200, ...

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The MCAS (Research Paper)

like other tests that have been introduced, the MCAS testing has been met with different responses. Opponents point out that Massachusetts students perform very well on national standardized tests and ...

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Abortion, some points of View

bably a strong opinion at that. Yet the endless debates on the topicusually go nowhere, leaving the opponents even more committed to their positions andthe open-minded observers confused. Both sides m ...

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An Argument for the Legalization of Drugs. Based on John Stuart Mills' "Revised Harm Principle"'

The question of whether or not to legalize certain drugs has been debated for decades. Although opponents have thus far been successful in preventing this, there are nonetheless a substantial numb ... ns' lives in a benevolent manner (and only when asked) rather than in a forceful, punitive way.Many opponents to legalization point out that drug use leads to spousal and child abuse, random criminal ...

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"The Last Supper" By Dan Rosen

, what it says is that liberals, because of their belief, have the right to pass death sentences on opponents. The story was amusing at times and there was some comedy in the film, but it didn't reall ...

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Euthanasia, a big debate in America

for it seems intuitive that involuntary euthanasia is not only illegal but alsoprofoundly immoral. Opponents arguments against euthanasia which fail to substantiatetheir claims, many proponents argum ... rical examples of legalized euthanasia all prove the moral legitimacy of physician-assisted-suicide.Opponents of euthanasia generally point to three main arguments which I willmention only for the pur ...

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Propaganda in the Online Free Speech Campaign, Propaganda and Mass Communication

Act (CDA), and it has been challenged in court from the moment it was passed into law. Many of the opponents of the CDA have taken their messages to the Internet in order to gain support for their ca ... o huge that the government is needed to help curb the interaction of adult materials and children. Opponents of the CDA claim that the wording of the CDA is so vague that, for example, an online disc ...

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the issue of Gun Control in Canada and America.

control as being a feasible alternative to controlling urban violence. There are concerns with the opponents of gun control, that the professional criminal who wants a gun can obtain one, and leaves ... ch arguments for and against gun control policy in North America. It is clearly evident to see that opponents of strict gun control will have similar arguments. Firstly, they are usually defending eac ...

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Title: Gun Control, this essay is about the right to carry concealed weapons for the right of protection.

ago. No state has ever taken out the law, and no state had ever made its law more restrictive. Some opponents think that the solution to crime is stricter gun control. The truth is that the right to c ... right to carry concealed weapons enables law-abiding citizens to protect themselves against crime. Opponents have concerns that the right to carry concealed weapons would cause people to lose their t ...

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Life, Death and Politics. A run-down of the abortion debate.

, its life cannot be placed on the same level with that of a woman. On the other side, the pro-life opponents of abortion argue that the fetus is human and therefore given the same human rights as the ... broad enough to encompass a woman's decision whether or not to terminate her preg- nancy.'Opponents of legal abortion do not see it as a constitutional right. They argue that the law places ...

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Sir John Alexander Macdonald

e of them*. And his devotion to helping these people is shown by his life course, to which even his opponents admitted 'there does not exist in Canada a man who has given more of his time--more of his ...

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The history of boxing

ts, where the spectators were the "alive arena borders". The fight normally lasted until one of the opponents was physically unable to continue fighting. Although the first boxers primarily fought for ... ht boxers were often beaten. Though rounds were determined, a fight usually lasted until one of the opponents was unable to continue a bout. It was not prohibited to attack the opponent even after his ...

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Effects of Creatin.

ortantly, in the media's direct line of fire. Although legal, creatine has it's proponents and it's opponents, through this paper, I'll discuss some of the factors that make creatine such a hot topic ...

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Increasing Utility Through Affirmative Action

rter of Right and Freedoms even includes a sub-section that details the allowance of such programs. Opponents of these programs argue they create indefensible quotas that place unjust pressure on comp ... han the equally qualified black applicants. This study illustrates that, contrary to the beliefs of opponents of affirmative action, it is possible to identify those who have been discriminate against ...

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The rise of the Democrats and Whigs

g Monroe's term, the formation of parties began to occur during the Jacksonian democracy. Jackson's opponents, who came to make up the Whig party, were strongly disturbed by his stubborn and harsh exe ...

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The Death Penalty, Right or Wrong? 4 reasons against Death Penalty included in a concise 900 eord essay, check it out!

r, this act is sometimes necessary and it is our responsibility as a society to see that it is done.Opponents of capital punishment have basically four arguments. The first is that there is a possibil ... rs of the death penalty. The claim is that the threat of capital punishment reduces violent crimes. Opponents of the death penalty do not agree and have a valid argument when they say, "The claims tha ...

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The Decriminalization of Marijuana : A reaction paper supporting the legalization of marijuana

ana. The controversy is mostly due to the myths that people have created about marijuana's effects. Opponents of the legalization of marijuana argue that marijuana is a gateway drug, more dangerous th ...

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