How to fight successfully in hockey

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How to Fight in Hockey Successfully

Sometimes hockey players lose their cool on the ice and

get into a fight with an opponent. The fights look

spontaneous and unplanned, but there are many techniques

and tricks that will help a player to be a better fighter.

When a fight begins, the first thing to do is to drop your

stick and gloves onto the ice. It is always better to punch

with your bare fists so it hurts the opponent more. Also, it is

easier to grab with your bare hands. Next, you must rip off

the opponents helmet by grabbing the back of the helmet

and pulling it toward yourself. Once you have the helmet off,

the real rumble begins. From this point on in the scuffle,

there are a few very successful techniques used by the best of

the pros to win the fight.

One very good way to win is to, first, punch the

opponent in the stomach so he bends over toward you.


grab the bottom of the back side of his jersey and forcefully

pull it over his head. By pulling the jersey over the

opposition's head, you make it so he can't see or move his

arms very well. With the jersey over his head, you can finish

the fight by throwing the punches that you throw the

hardest to your opponent's face and stomach.

Another good technique is to grab the opponent's collar

of his jersey right below his chin with one hand and pull him

foreword quickly. While you slam him forward, use your

other hand to punch him in the face. This technique hurts

the opponent the most because his momentum moving

toward you makes the blow twice as hard as an ordinary

punch. Continue to use this...